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Frequently Asked Questions

I have always been able to handle my own problems. Why do I need therapy? 

Sometimes, problems become overwhelming, particularly when going through a significant life change. Reaching out for help is an admirable acknowledgement of this and can be an excellent way to make things more manageable. Having a neutral and objective person to talk to may give you a different perspective on how to tackle these issues. In our work together, we will uncover tools that you have used in the past to overcome difficulties. We will determine what has worked, what hasn't, and develop new strategies.


How can therapy help me? 

People seek out therapy for a number of reasons, and it can help improve your life in many ways. In therapy, I will help you gain insight into your behaviors, thoughts and feelings. With this information, we will develop ways to change what is not serving you and discuss concrete and specific ways to solve problems. My hope is that this will lead you to improve communication and relationships, utilize better coping skills, and reduce anxiety, depression, guilt, and anger. 


What about medication? 

Medication is an important topic that often comes up in the course of therapy. As an LCSW, I am not able to prescribe medication to you. However, I have relationships with a number of psychiatrists in the area, and can provide you with a referral.


How does payment work? 

Currently, I take United Healthcare and Aetna insurance. You may also be able to submit claims for my services if you have out of network coverage through your insurance company. I recommend contacting your insurance provider. For self-pay, I have a sliding scale, and payment can be provided by check, cash or credit. Please note, credit payments have a small additional fee.



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